by Angela Pearson, Green Impact Zone intern

On July 21, Kansas City residents joined the Green Impact Zone for our third annual Urban Homes Tour. The large coach bus was packed full with 43 eager prospective homebuyers. The tour visited homes in the Ivanhoe, Troostwood and Blue Hills neighborhoods. Twana Hall-Scott, assistant director at the Green Impact Zone, narrated the tour and shared news about upcoming developments within the center city area. The guests also visited the Vineyard Neighborhood Association.

Following the tour were educational homebuyer workshops. Representatives from our sponsors — US Bank, Bank of Kansas City and Capitol Federal — spoke to guests about getting loans and explained other financial aspects of the homebuying process.  The Housing Authority of Kansas City, our hosting partner, also shared valuable information. Ten lucky residents each won a $30 discount for the home-ownership counseling class, normally $50, offered by Neighborhood Housing Services.

The tour showed residents that buying a home is a feasible alternative.  Our guests left the Green Impact Zone with a new perspective, more informed and inspired to pursue their dreams of being homeowners.