You may be recycling your aluminum cans, cardboard, paper and more…but are you buying recycled? It’s the final step in the recycling loop.
What is buying recycled?  By buying recycled you help “close the recycling loop” by putting the materials collected through recycling programs back to good use as products in the marketplace.
Purchase products with the highest post-consumer content.  Post-consumer content comes from materials that have been used and recycled by consumers such as newspaper and aluminum cans. Pre-consumer content comes from materials generated in the manufacturing process such as scrap, trimmings and cuttings.
When shopping, request products with recycled content.  Help create the demand for recycled-content products by requesting them when shopping. If stores get enough demand for recycled-content products it is likely that they will start stocking them.
Learn more. Visit the EPA’s Buy Recycled page for more information on identifying recycled-content products, related organizations, publications and product information.