Starting at 39th Street and Paseo Boulevard, workers place concrete sidewalk as a part of the sidewalk improvement project funded by the TIGER Grant.

Several sidewalks in the Green Impact Zone® are getting a serious facelift in the next few months. Construction crews have begun replacing crumbling sidewalks, curbs and driveway approaches in the Zone as a part of the $50 million TIGER federal transportation grant. Infrastructure along Paseo Boulevard, 39th Street, 43rd Street, 51st Street, Troost Avenue, Prospect Avenue, Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard, Benton Boulevard and Swope Parkway within the zone’s borders will be repaired or replaced as needed in the coming months.
Each sidewalk will be completed at an estimated pace of one lane per week. You may experience delayed traffic due to lane closure from the project.
Residents will be notified via door hanger when work construction when construction is close to their neighborhood. These projects are expected to be complete in May of 2012.

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