Thanks to some extra effort by Green Impact Zone® staff and the Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council, another zone resident will soon enjoy a more energy-efficient home.

Like many of our residents, this client is an elderly person who is not as physically active as she once was. She applied for the Green Impact Zone weatherization program and met all of the qualifications, but our weatherization team ran into a problem – the basement of the home she has lived in for many years was so cluttered that they could not access the furnace and water heater to make the necessary improvements.

Since the resident was unable to clear the basement on her own and had no available family members to help, the Green Impact Zone turned to her neighborhood association for assistance.

We want to express our sincere appreciation to Jessie Jefferson and other volunteers from the Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council and Learning Lord Lutheran Church from Bartlett, Ill. – your generous donation of your time and hard work has cleared the way for another home weatherization.

This kind of cooperation — neighbors helping neighbors improve their quality of life — is at the very foundation of what we’re trying to accomplish in the Green Impact Zone. Thanks again!