Today marks an important anniversary for Cokethea Hill, Arletha Manlove, Shontrice Patillo and me (Jermaine Reed) – our one-year anniversary here at the Green Impact Zone of Missouri!

We came in the door with bright eyes and excitement about the work ahead to transform the 150-square blocks of the Zone into a thriving, sustainable community. Many of us grew up in these very neighborhoods. We’ve spent the last year working together and with many community partners to increase the quality of life for every resident in the zone.

At this same time last year, I had just flown home after working in Washington, D.C., and the very next day I started working at the zone. It has been an exciting year and I look forward to our work ahead.

It has been amazing to see how you can transform a dis-invested community one block at a time once you refocus, reinvest, and reengage residents in an effort to increase the quality of life within their respective neighborhoods. In my lifetime, I am honored to be a part of an effort that WILL transform neighborhoods east of Troost by coordinating partnerships, nonprofits and for-profit organizations, neighborhood residents and concerned individuals, both inside and outside of the Green Impact Zone.

When you renew the empowerment and engagement in neighborhoods; you have sown the seed of sustainability for generations to come!!!!!!

Yours in service,
Jermaine Reed