Yesterday, we posted census mail-in participation rates for census tracts in the Green Impact Zone. The latest numbers, released today by the U.S. Census Bureau, show a little improvement in some neighborhoods, but we can do better. Here are the latest percentages:

  • National Average: 68%
  • Green Impact Zone:
    • Census Tract 64: 58%
    • Census Tract 62: 58%
    • Census Tract 63: 55%
    • Census Tract 75: 60%
    • Census Tract 76: 64%
    • Census Tract 77: 59%

(See our April 15 post for the boundaries of each of these census tracts.)

If you don’t mail back your census form right away, the Census Bureau will have to send someone to your home to collect the information. Help save tax dollars by mailing your census form today – and encourage your friends and neighbors to mail theirs, too.